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Group Class Descriptions

Strength and Conditioning

Function 2 Fatigue

Weekend Shredding



5 pm Function 2 Fatigue

5:45 pm Strength and Conditioning



9 am Function 2 Fatigue



5 pm Function 2 Fatigue

5:45 pm Strength and Conditioning



9 am Strength and Conditioning



9 am Weekend Shredding


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Strength and Conditioning

Regardless of gender, age, weight, or experience, strength and conditioning is critical to overall health. Why? The number one reason most people name is more muscle equals less fat. That’s true because as muscle mass increases so does metabolism, but strength training can improve posture, increase bone density, help you sleep better, and just make it easier to do everyday things because youre stronger and leaner - come joins us!


Function 2 Fatigue

Focusing (but not limited to) 3 dimensional, core derivative exercises in an upbeat tempo. This is to allow full body endurance and maximum calories burned.


Weekend Shredding

A culmination of everything! Proportioned weights, w/nonstop movement.


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Andrew D.

"I've been training with Aim Fitness for a year and have gotten great results. Matt is a super high energy trainer and keeps the workouts varied and fun. Matt gives everyone great personal attention and customizes workouts based on your goals and fitness level."

Christina S.

"I started attending Aim Fitness classes because I found that I wasn't motivated during my independent work out routines. Matt is extremely knowledgeable in all things fitness, including form, diet, and most of all, the overall needs of the individual. Before I knew it I was seeing results, and I felt like a new person. I recommend Aim Fitness to anyone looking to get fit and change the way they view healthy living!"

Karen C.

"I was new to working out. Matt made me feel comfortable & confident in my ability to start slow and increase my strength and ability. Boot camp was always fun and energetic. I never get bored!"