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Aim Fitness of North Andover offers you the following training options. In many situations, clients mix and match private training with group classes. We’re flexible and happy to accommodate your schedule.


Private Training


After an initial fitness evaluation and discussion of your concerns and goals, we will create a program designed specifically for you. This is your opportunity for targeting training to help you achieve success whether you want to run a 5K, lose 10, 20, or 30 pounds, participate in a triathlon or simply tone up. You can do it. We will help you get there. Or maybe you don’t have a goal defined yet, but you simply prefer to work out solo - that’s fine too! There are all ranges of athletes at Aim Fitness and they all come ready to work hard. Private training available in both hour and half-hour sessions.


Semi-Private Training


Same of private, but you will be working out with 1-2 other people in a session. Each person is working towards his or her own goal and even members with different fitness levels can benefit from this model. Reduced cost and the positive energy of working in a small group make this a top choice for many members. And accountability is a bonus here - studies consistently show that individuals who work out with another person are far more likely to stick with it. Semi-private training is available in hour long sessions only.


Group Classes


What’s unique about Aim Fitness is that even with group classes, most classes never run over 10 people and most have far less than that. We know everyone by name and even when you want to hide in the back, you can't. And yes, that’s good for you. We are here to encourage you, as are your “classmates“. At Aim Fitness we have absolute beginners to marathon runners. Some people can lift heavy weights. Some cant. At least not at first. But all members encourage each other to give it their best. Check out the class descriptions for more details. Note that not even within the same format we mix it up from week to week to keep things interesting and your body surprised.


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Aimee M.

"Matt at AIM fitness helped me feel more confident about working out and is so supportive and encouraging to everyone in the group. He always makes sure to stress the importance of correct form just as much as the exercise itself. I also like how Matt sends me a text to check in if i ever miss a class! It keeps me accountable!"

Howard M.

"I really like the way Matt adjusts the routine to accommodate the client. I’ve had some unrelated physical issues and Matt has modified with a smile and “no problem”. It makes me want to come back even though I’ve never liked working out."

Betsy Q.

"I’ve been to lots of different gyms ranging from super personalized to 24-hour clubs. None have compared to the training I’ve received  at Aim Fitness. Every class is different, I’m challenged like I’ve never been, stronger than I ever thought possible and I actually look forward to coming to class.