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Christina S.

"I started attending Aim Fitness classes because I found that I wasn't motivated during my independent work out routines. Matt is extremely knowledgeable in all things fitness, including form, diet, and most of all, the overall needs of the individual. Before I knew it I was seeing results, and I felt like a new person. I recommend Aim Fitness to anyone looking to get fit and change the way they view healthy living!"


Andrew D.

"I've been training with Aim for a year and have gotten great results. Matt is a super high energy trainer and keeps the workouts varied and fun. Matt gives everyone great personal attention and customizes workouts based on your goals and fitness level."


Claudia F.

"I never liked working out but Matt always makes it interesting and fun".


Aimee M.

"Matt at Aim Fitness helped me feel more confident about working out and is so supportive and encouraging to everyone in the group. He always makes sure to stress the importance of correct form just as much as the exercise itself. I also like how Matt sends me a text to check in if i ever miss a class! It keeps me accountable!"


Karen C.

"I was new to working out. Matt made me feel comfortable & confident in my ability to start slow and increase my strength and ability. Boot camp was always fun and energetic. I never get bored!"


Nancy L.

"Matt’s boot camp was fun and it was easy to go at your own pace, but still get a workout. I would highly recommend his services."


Lisa C.

"Aim Fitness is a gem of a gym. Small group exercise, one-on-one training, and a professional and knowledgeable owner make AIM the place to go for setting and reaching your fitness goals. No matter your goal, or your experience with group or personal training, or your size and shape, you'll feel welcome at AIM. I've been a faithful member for over a year, and I've enjoyed every single workout. Matt is skilled in his approach, thoughtful in his design, and genuine in his care for his clients."


Betsy Q.

"I’ve moved 9 times to multiple states, so I’ve been to lots of different gyms ranging from super personalized to 24-hour clubs. None have compared to the training I’ve received from Matt Scanlon at Aim Fitness, North Andover. Every class is different, I’m challenged like I’ve never been, stronger than I ever thought possible and I actually look forward to coming to class. For the first time in my life, exercise is not one of those “ gotta get it done” things on my list, but something I really look forward to. The people at Aim Fitness are incredibly encouraging, Matt is the best trainer I have ever had and I hope I never move again because I’m sure I wouldn’t find another place like Aim Fitness or another trainer like Matt."


Kelly C.

"I am without a doubt, a major couch potato! I despise everything about the gym and working out. Over the last ten years, I have joined various gyms, gone once or twice and never returned. I always felt self conscious at the gym, whether it be how I looked or that I did not know how to work out properly. That all changed when a friend told me about Aim Fitness. I figured that I would try it once and be done, but that was not the case. I loved everything about it! I loved the classes and the people. I loved that Matt showed me how to do everything correctly to get the most out of my workout. And most of all, I loved how I felt after going! I felt stronger, lost weight and had more energy. I just gave birth to my second child and I am literally counting down the days until I can get back to Aim Fitness!!


Kristina C.

"Aim Fitness rocks!! Matt is an excellent trainer who is skilled at crafting exercises that are a perfect fit for each individual. He is motivating and makes you want to push the limit!"


Howard M.

"I really like the way Matt adjusts the routine to accommodate the client. I’ve had some unrelated physical issues and Matt has modified with a smile and 'no problem'. It makes me want to come back even though I’ve never liked working out."


Lauren M.

“If you want to feel like you can fly or feel like you can run for days on end with ease. Train with Matt!”



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