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There are over 30 different fitness establishments in the area. Maybe more. You have a lot of choices. Why Aim Fitness? Lets get personal...


  • First - no enrollments fees. Try us for a week for free. Check us out and see if this is the place for you. We’re not for everyone and that’s OK.


  • This is not the juice bar, fancy locker room, 10,000 square-foot fancy equipment gym.


  • Our unique training style focuses on the use of multi-joint body weight exercises, using different planes of movement, rather than the typical linear modality of exercise machine, that are most commonly used in gyms. This targets specific areas of the body to help you achieve your unique goals.


  • Aim Fitness offers private, semi-private and group classes all in a non-judgmental setting where I truly get to know each and every one of my clients. I know your goals. I know your challenges. I know when you didn’t want to come to class, but you put everything aside and showed up anyway.


  • Come join us and you’ll use innovative, creative, and fun fitness tools to accomplish your goals.


  • We take a holistic approach that incorporates nutritional guidance, healthy behaviors, and personalized training sessions tailored to you. Not the 30 people lined up on a treadmill beside you like you find in many clubs.


Intrigued? Call us at 978-258-6167. Class starts soon!